This elegant masterpiece is fortified
with the best and purest of Canadian ingredients,
then meticulously refined by our special
cold filter process.


This crystal clear water is at the heart of our vodka. Blu Frog Vodka begins with Canadian water, where it is abundant and as pure as it gets anywhere in the world


Our Blu Frog Vodka production process starts with high quality corn that is fastidiously selected, entirely natural, and gluten free, non-GMO.


Blu Frog Vodka is among the rare vodkas that undergo a five times distillation process in order to create ultra-premium, high quality vodka, giving Blu Frog Vodka its pure and velvety taste.


Microfiltered more than 5 times to eliminate all impurities and become one of the purest vodkas in the world.


Every bottle of Blu Frog Vodka is verified and submitted to several quality control measures before being bottled. When our specialists approve Blu Frog Vodka, a blue frog is added to the bottle as our quality seal.